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My name is consistency, I’m related to success, we should hang out more then just once in a while!

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After mindset, see below. Comes logistics. You need to quickly get to a non- employee automated way to get quality prospects which you get to raise their hand and follow up in another automated way to get consistent sales coming in. In order to avoid stress, burnout and really achieve financial and time independence.

Intro: The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale:

What empowers us is the power of making a decision to do something you really want. You see, why are so many people stuck between where they are and where they are going.

Because they need to move to a higher vibrational paradigm.

Every vibration is a frequency, thought waves are a frequency, as Earl Nightingale said: “We become what we think about”

How you do this is that you make a committed decision, you think on a higher level. Not just a daydream wish, rather you must want it, really want it so badly.

As Wesley Virgin says emotionally you see your result as already yours. What you want is yours, it’s who you are. You have to really want it like the eye of the tiger. A heartfelt desire to achieve your goal, whether financial, intangible quality or both.

The only pre-requisite is your WANT, no matter if you have not the money, the resources or even the right people. The how will take care of itself. You just need to feel resourceful and meditate or visualize your new found life.

As it’s like that song but instead of Love being in the air, it’s Money.

Successful people make decisions fast and very slow if ever they change them.

You use perception, will, reason and intuition as your skills to get the goal you want.

Lastly let me , let me repeat, you don’t’ need to know HOW it’s going to happen, just you desiring the result.

2. Wesley Virgin struggled for six years and now he wants to teach so others can enjoy his lifestyle:

3. Removing self-limiting beliefs: Natalie Ledwell removed her self limiting beliefs and now teachers others:

a): Take the success blockers quiz here.

b): Watch the 21 minutes highlights video here.

c). Full video with one page PDF Exercise Read more

According to modern mind science, there is 1 force that

shapes your #career and #financial #success more than

anything else.

– It’s not how many hours you work every week…

– It’s not how self-motivated you are…

– And it’s not even the number of books you’ve read or the

seminars you’ve attended!

… It’s your #childhood!

The question is – is your childhood helping or hurting your


Answer a few simple questions and discover your truth in this

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