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Live Anywhere In The World & Drive A Porsche!

For the last ten years, I have researched, bought and tried many of these online businesses and I have identified a handful of good, credible and ethical ones and I want to share them with you in order to save you thousands in cash and your valuable time.

So how does it work?

Right now MEI is in beta so I can give you a good offer.

For revealing to you my range of well researched plans, most for over one year and really many for three years.

If you like a plan, you agree to pay me only 15% and you keep 85% for the first two years. So you provide the money and time (Money+Body) and I provide the time (Body). After two years the partnership is dissolved and you keep everything you make.

For the first year I provide you up-to ten hours of mentoring and coaching a month. As a trained coach and being in business for ten years I can add value, mentor and coach you.

The actual business plans are provided by third parties and they have their own online training portals for step by step training.

Because under a money and body partnership the body side should get more then 50%, as I’m effectively a silent partner in the business however giving you mentoring and coaching you can select my minimum package, increase it, decrease it but you have to keep it for six months minimum term:


5 hrs of mentoring & coaching a month for six months for £150pm.


10 hrs for £250pm.


15 hrs for £300pm.

To get started to the next process is to have a telephone interview with me by contacting me on my contact us page.

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