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Update November 2020

Black Friday Special on the The USA Property or Real-Estate Business

After reading this contact me to clarify as I wish to help you to financial independence; Tel: 07728555122

Justin Wilmott is an incredible man. He says himself he struggled to make money in USA residential real-estate and promised himself when he made it big, he would tell his truth and how others can follow him into earning money in Real-Estate.

You don’t need any large capital as you will not be actually buying property yourself.

You don’t need your credit-score, as you will not be borrowing yourself it does not matter.

You can do it all virtually, Justin tells you how.

All you need is to open your mind and listen to what Justin teaches and decided if it is for you.

Previously this training was free on his Facebook Group:

The information set was five days about 1.5hrs a day and your got to implement.

If you wanted it mostly outsources so you only do the $1,000 an hour tasks then

you had to pay typically $3995.

Then he put all the information in his course selling for one payment of $97.

For Black Friday he reduced it 50% to $49

Get it here:

Then there is another great guy: Cody Sperber Who has done an incredible

name your price Black Friday Sale. You should know that after 30 days part of

the bundle attracts a ongoing subscription so you would need to be aware of that

and cancel before the 30 days. Anyway the link to that is:

Please note that this is about doing business in USA.

You will need:

1 X LLC Company

Get it here:

You will need to get a USA p.o. box type address to submit the order.

Get it from ($11 a month).

Instructions: Choose LLC, State: Wyoming

Choice Silver Package

After you choose and pay for Silver they can get you the EIN for $70 however it takes 45 days to process. Or you can do it yourself but the IRS says allow 45 working days.

2. Get your EIN by printing out and completing Form SS-4

The PDF has instructions and this website is also good:

Apply for EIN for LLC with Form SS-4

3. Phone IRS on +1 267- 941 – 1099 See If you get a really helpful person to guide, otherwise the instructions that come with form SS-4 or the llc university link above.

4. You need to Fax the form with a copy of your Articles of Organisation that IncFile will send you.

Fax to: + 1 855 – 641 – 6935

If You don’t have a Fax you can get a free 14 day trial from and then £10pm

4. You will need to put your Fax number they instantly allocate you on the IRS SS-4 form so they can Fax you back with your number. You need this to open a USA Business Bank Account with the likes of Wells Fargo or Bank of America etc.

Post Covid update: October 2020

Latest plan:

Idea: Help local businesses by maintains their Facebook business.

So what is it:

The service offers local high street businesses to post regular updates to their Facebook business page.

The furfillment is done for 90 days and we are provided with:

1. Software to find best clients online.

2. 90 days content in three niches.

It’s quality- here is a sales leaflet that can be emailed to prospects:

I’ve been following them for a while and got a previous product from them. I was not going to get this but they put a free trial bonus of a software called prospect rocket that I knew about and did not buy to use in previous purchase. This is where I got it:

I will let you know how I get on.

Only get it if price is still $28, then only get the second $17 ultra sales pack boost.

This add to cart link should preserve that price:

Breaking News: Free, or Free

Listen to this 11 minutes then sgn up to the offer. To get free mentoring help email me: or call me on 07728 555 122 for quick ten minute chat to get you on your way to $3, 5 or $10k deal(s).

Click here (11 minutes).(USA Property)

Make money with You-Tube Videos that go viral, it’s the icing on the cake!

Offer Reputation Marketing by David Sprauge. Software driven churns out the service. Only$97. Click here.


We are in Beta, so I can offer you 75% off on my mentoring fees, as a limited offer. Just contact me.

Just to be clear, all these plans are available from third party training providers (They actually run these businesses as a going concern themselves) and you would buy the course from them.

The value I provide is that I know the transition from example corporate is a mindset transition. So as I been there and done that. I can give you time compression and fast mentoring for you to get it fast. So it’s an additional support mentoring service which you are under no obligation to take.

We don’t just select any business plan. All of these have been on our radar for several years if not many more.

For the following three this is for niches in Home Improvement, Dentists, Doctors, Estate Agents (Realtors), Car. Dealerships & Restaurants.

Also you don’t really need to visit the client, as it takes too much time. Telephone, email and online presentations as when the value is clear, the decision is easy.

All these plans need regular study for around one month (20 hrs a week) on the maximum side to understand what you have to do. Thereafter it becomes easier as you can outsource some of the mundane aspects and concentrate on having conversations, even the prospecting can be outsourced.

You can have it all! Exceptional income and plenty if time to go on vacation or holiday.

All of these plans, I found from USA providers, so being in the USA is easiest however if your in the UK, or Pakistan, it is still very easy to still do.

A) David Spragues Real Strategic :

Traffic Fuel: Cloud software platform to buy banner ads and sell to above niches. Regular fixed fee income for advertising. Huge worldwide multi-billion dollar market.


Social Covers:

Design Social Media Covers

Mastermind Sample Call- David Sprauges Marketing Strategy:

David’s Marketing Strategy

B) Brian Andersons Media Mash:

Facebook Messenger Marketing Bots. Done for you Bots in all above niches and after sales fulfillment done for you. Regular monthly income to generate leads for these niches.


2. USA Residential Property:


Because in the UK, where I am, or even in other countries like Dubai, Pakistan etc. I have not come across opportunities to make money in property with next to no capital.

This is because, in the USA, you can assign contracts, enabling you to quick flip properties, for example as a wholesaler. This is to get you initial money so you fund your lifestyle and business.

Below are some actual opportunities that you should keep your eye on.

C) Cody Sperbers Concerns quick flips where you take control of a property.e. Agree to buy it within 30 days, meanwhile you assign the contract to someone else for a small fee (Typically could be $5000 – $10,000 per deal). You use websites, automation and marketing partnering to achieve this.


Both C) and D) have software to do the CRM and lead capture for a monthly recurring of typical $97 a month. For some of Patrick Riddles products you could get away without it.

D) Patrick Riddles Personal Lifestyle Investor

Similar thing to above. Emphasise on joint marketing venture working to get more deals and make life easier.

The following is from the same author: Link:

E) Barry and Rogers plan. Concerning getting cheap traffic from Youtube and sending it to other peoples offers, so you take a small percentage.

Yes, you only have a few hours to get your hands on our F.A.B. Formula

and System…

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The RS Team

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F). Make money from renting residential property without owning it: AirBNB Arbitrage!

G). This business is concerned with how to market specific affiliate offers to email lists you get indirectly via LinkedIn.

Watch the presentation here:

Course link:

September 2019 Update


Click here to take up Cody’s Offer

Click Here to Access Reputation Marketing for $7 for 30days

Contact me on

Or 07728 555 122 to find out more!

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