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Muslim Entrepreneurial Institute was founded in 2019 after it was identified that the second generation of Muslims born in the UK had gone down the Corporate route after graduation from University.

Hence there was a lack of understanding and will to start a business because at School whilst business studies is taught and some parts of entrepreneurialism however their is a gap, sometimes in mindset required for business.

We specialize in teaching, coaching and mentoring in this mindset, combined with specific business plans. Seen the you tube ads, we studied opportunities over the last thirty years.

We specialize in third party recommended online business models.

If you work in a school or just a parent, just think children working at School and you can work regularly like them and get results!

We can help. Just contact us via the contact us page for free advice.

The key thing before starting any business is to have your reason why you even want to spend your effort down this route?

After your reason WHY? Comes understanding the correct mindset for business.

The fear of starting a business is a block and self-limiting beliefs that stop many people.

First, you need to do a lot of mindset work to prep you on having no job fixed salary coming your way unless you can provide value and get paid for the value you bring to the table.

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