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Muslim Entrepreneurial Institute is an initiative of the Community Coalition Forum Global (CCFG).

Irfan Qureshi is the founder of CCFG and a fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (FRSA). We share aims of wanting to help build a just, fair, balanced and principled society.

We invite you think about society, both its blessings and ills and think why do we exist, as we could well have not existed?

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Back to MEI…whilst my Dad, an outstanding businessman with his outstanding wife, invested in bricks and mortar, with retail stores. I did not have the capital and anyone the retail scene is very tough.

With advent of smartphones and apps plus innovative banking solutions, it is now low cost to start your own online business. You can do a lot just from your mobile, although I recommend at least having a notebook personal computer as well.

I have been researching and found a good handful of such businesses to start and now want to save you time by giving you specific details and a step by step plan.

However you need to have the mindset piece of understanding entrepreneurialism first.

You need to check you don’t have any self-limiting beliefs, often picked up from childhood. If you do you can overwrite that program see Natalie Ledwells free presentation on how to eliminate them.

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